Have a Green Startup
In Upper Egypt?

Athar Green

Athar Green is a 4 months acceleration program (From May, to September, 2021) for green startups in Upper Egypt.

We are looking for startups in:

we help startups to:

  • Validate business model
  • Build MVP
  • Learn how to pitch
  • Develop a scalable business model
  • Plan financials
  • Access to investment

who can apply

  • Entrepreneurs should be between 21 – 35 years old.
  • Startups should have a team of minimum 2 members.
  • Startups should be based in any of Upper Egypt's governorates.
  • Startups should have the potential to create at least 3 inclusive jobs.

program fund


For Each Startup

Program partners


The team understands the challenges facing startups in Upper Egypt, especially when it comes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which these startups are nourished in. This program specifically supports startups in Upper Egypt through the Lean Startup Methodology.


The team will be utilizing the “Lean Startup Methodology”; a customer centric approach to entrepreneurship that relies on customer interviewing techniques to validate assumptions i.e. validated learnings. The approach uses the principles of customer discovery and market insights to take business decisions aiming to minimize risk and maximize learning.


At the end of the acceleration program your startup should:

  •     1.  Have validated a need for your business.
  •     2.  Have a very clear understanding of your customers.
  •     3.  Have developed a clear business model.
  •     4.  Have ran marketing experiments.
  •     5.  Know how to pitch your business.
  •  6.  Have a clear plan about ways forward and needed resources to achieve it.


During the acceleration program, startups will receive a round of essential capacity building sessions. The sessions are based on the “Lean Startup” methodology and will allow the startups to further develop and validate their ideas/businesses. This will be done through a series of activities including customer interviews, building prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs), among others. Participants will also receive business mentorship sessions to guide them throughout the process for further developing their ideas.


We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs who:

  •       Have the drive to make it happen and are willing to put in the effort
  •       Are willing to commit to the program to pursue their passion

With ideas or early stage startups that:

  •       Are innovative or with an innovative business model
  •       Have great market potential
  •       Have potential for scalability
  •      Can attract investments

The program will be conducted over 16 sessions (6-8 hours each on a weekly basis; on weekends  – a few sessions may be conducted on weekdays after working hours).

The program is meant to be covered as a complete experience. We recommend joining only if you are willing to commit to the whole period to get the full benefit.


No, we only accept a team with at least 2 co-founders.

Yes, we accept idea-stage startups and will help you validate your idea and build an MVP throughout the program.


We accept both idea-stage startups as well as those with an MVP.


Yes, every accepted startup will receive 20,000 EGP as a grant.

Beyond the scope of the demo day; throughout the acceleration cycle, and after the graduation of the startups, Athar will work closely to identify startups that are ready for investment and connect them to potential investors and support networks.


The program will take place online, but we may request you to attend to Minia city for video shooting before the demo day.

Athar is a startup accelerator that supports entrepreneurs in Upper Egypt with funding, connections, and mentorship. Our main goal is to activate and strengthen the startup ecosystem of Upper Egypt.

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