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Our mission

We are on a mission to unleash Upper Egypt’s startups potential, enabling them to solve local society problems.
Supporting startups with funding, mentorship and network, Building a good environment for local talents to work and thrive, and strengthening the startup ecosystem of Upper Egypt.
In 2020, Our startups were able to make 500 Job opportunities, solve several local health, employment and education problems.



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Training & Mentorship

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featured startups

Sala7ly is a marketplace that connects technicians with customers, founded in 2017 in Assiut. They Joined Athar Accelerator in 2020, after that they Joined TIEC incubator (2020), and expanded to Sohag (2021).

Vetution is a marketplace that connects between suppliers and vets. Founded in 2019 by a team from Minia and Cairo. They Joined Athar Accelerator in 2020.

Our Partners

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  • For me, Athar is a starting point for any successful startup. before joining Athar, we’re already in market, but we didn’t know how to develop our team or tracking our growth.
    With Athar, we’ve learned how to think as an entrepreneur. It’s not about money or the grant we’ve got, it’s about learning, gaining experience, and moving forward with your team.

    Ahmed Qenawy

    Founder & CEO @Sala7ly
  • Last April, we’re chosen as one of the best 5 startups in Upper Egypt, and we’ve got the chance to meet more investors, and to be trained by one of the most efficient trainers in Egypt.
    All this opportunities were possible because of Athar which helped us to understand more concepts in business world. 

    Ahmed Azeema

    CTO @ Wasalny
  • For X-Labs, Athar was an important stage. It helped us to define our customer clearly, and to understand their main problems. What was really good about Athar is its mentors, they have a lot of experience as they’re already in market.

    Alaa Dardeer

    Co-founder @ X-Labs

Athar is a startup accelerator that supports entrepreneurs in Upper Egypt with funding, connections, and mentorship. Our main goal is to activate and strengthen the startup ecosystem of Upper Egypt.

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